We act on our clients' behalf as copyright representative in filing their application at the Malaysian Copyright Office and represent them through every step of the copyright granting process including prosecuting the application until issuance of Certificate.


Here are the top 3 questions on copyright protection:-

Q: What Is Copyright?

Copyright is the exclusive right given to the owner of a copyright 
for a specific period. Copyright protection in Malaysia is governed by the 
Copyright Act 1987. Since June 2012, there is a system of voluntary notification of copyright in Malaysia.

A work that is eligible is protected automatically upon fulfillment of the following conditions:-
a) sufficient effort has been expended to make the work original in character
b) the work has been written down, recorded or reduced to a material form
c) the author is qualified person or the work is made in Malaysia or the work is first published in Malaysia

Q: What Does Copyright Protect?

Works eligible for protection are literary, musical, artistic works; films, sound recordings, broadcasts and derivative works.

These works shall be protected irrespective of their quality and purpose for 
which they were created.

However, the copyright protection shall only extend to expression and not 
ideas, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts.

Q: Who Owns Copyright?

Copyright in a work vests initially in the author. However where the making of a work is made by an employee in the course of his employment, the copyright in the work shall be deemed vested in the employer or the person who commissioned the work, in the absence of any agreement to the contrary.