With effect from 15 February 2011, an Applicant of a Malaysian trademarkapplication can request for expedited examination of its application through to registration in circumstances that are justified. 

This is particularly useful in cases where the Applicant is seeking to pursue an injunction or infringement action. 

Other justified reasons for wanting expedited examination are such as the registration of the trade mark is a condition to obtain monetary benefits from the government or institutions recognised by the Registrar or it is in the public or national interest or other reasons subject to Registrar's approval.

In this regard, Applicants must submit a request for approval for expeditedexamination with the prescribed payment, within four (4) months of the filing date of the Malaysian application and providing adequate specific reasons for wanting the application to be expedited in the form of an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration. 

The fastest possible time frame to obtain a straight forward trade mark registration through the expedited examination route is approximately 6 months, as opposed to about 18 months in a normal route.