Here are the top 3 questions on patent protection for an invention:

Q: What is a patent and what does a patent protect?

A patent is an exclusive legal right granted to the owner of the invention to use, sell, license, exploit or otherwise deal with the invention. A patent protects new inventions which are technical and solves a specific problem in the field of technology.

Q: What is an invention?

An invention can be any product, device, process, composition, configuration, substance from any field of technology and it must be new and not obvious.

Q: Does a patent obtained in Malaysia have international protection?

No. A patent granted by the Malaysian Patent Office only has effect in Malaysia. However, there is an international patent which is PCT which covers a large number of countries worldwide including all major industrialised countries in the world.

What is a PCT Patent?

PCT allows an applicant to seek "worldwide" or "international" patent protection for an invention in each of the member countries of the Treaty simultaneously by filing only one patent application in one office, one language and one fee. This is particularly useful if you wish to apply for patent protection in a large number of countries. However, the examination process of the PCT application will still have to be conducted in the respective countries and will have to meet the respective national requirements. Malaysia is a member country of the Treaty hence you can apply for the international patent registration in Malaysia.

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